Don’t Limit Your Beliefs

You will never realize that the sky’s the limit if you’re always limiting your beliefs.

It’s so easy for us to dwell on our setbacks and lack of resources. You must know that the setbacks are setups for what God has called you to do. Throughout our life, we’re told what we can and cannot do. It gets to a point where we start believing the lies and we settle for second best.

I’m here to tell each and every one of you that you have unique gifts that need to be spread throughout the world. It will take a conscious effort and a plan of action on your part to discover what you’re good at and to tap into that greatness. Your current limitations will manifest into abundance if you break away from the scarcity that has held you down for so long.


It may take you sitting down, taking out a blank sheet of paper, and writing down your gifts. Don’t waste time on doing things that you’re okay at. Spend time improving on the things that you’re great at. Once you become comfortable with your calling and rewrite your beliefs, you’ll soon realize that nothing can stand in your way. So decide now that the sky’s the limit and you will no longer limit your beliefs.

Reflection: Name one of your limited beliefs and something positive that you can do to change that.

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