Don’t Listen to Negative Talk

Everyone has an inner voice and this inner voice can be our greatest critic, hater or doubter. You can hear this negative talk in your mind or thoughts. Telling you: 


• I’m too old to go back to school. 

• I’m not smart enough to learn a new skill. 

• I’m not good enough. 

• I can’t do this.  

• It’s too risky to start over. 

• I don’t have time. 


What negative talk do you tell yourself? 


I worked in the Oil and Gas industry for over 20 years as a Financial Analyst.  I lived comfortable with a nice salary and great benefits. Then an unforeseen event happened. The company announced it was being bought out and massive layoffs was inevitable. I had a degree in Business Administration but the job market was saturated with my credentials. I was a middle age female, and single mom with a child that depended on me. Faced with this life changing dilemma.  What will I do? 

Believe me all the negative thoughts flooded my mind but providing for my son was my one priority and motivation. So, I decided step out of my comfort zone and make a career change. I took a leap in faith and went back to school to become a teacher. It wasn’t easy, attending class with students half my age, learning a new skill set and new technology. The fear, doubt and uncertainty invaded my mind. I had to change my perspective and believe in myself to overcome the fear.   I repeated several times a day, “I am smart and I can  

do this”. Yes, words have power and this simple phrase helped me build confidence. I completed the certification program and passed the state exam to become a teacher.  

 The decision to change careers changed my life. Teaching non-English learners’ lifelong skills in reading and writing gave me joy and a new purpose.  My income reduced but making a difference in a child’s life is priceless.  

Also, that decision was a stepping stone to my path to become a Life Coach. I believe our decisions determine our destiny. Do not let fear, doubt or uncertainty stop you from achieving your dream.  

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