Don’t Live In Fear

It is easy to focus on the turmoil that is all around us. From the hurricanes that seem to come every month and cause destruction and lost lives, to gun violence that is plaguing the air waves, and rumors of wars. Oppression and racial inequality is also no stranger to the people around the world and especially in the United States. With this, we can easily become fearful, discouraged, and sidetracked. As a result, depression sets in and we view our circumstances with a jaded lens. We look at people who are not like us as the enemy. There is no respect for someone’s opinion because fear has slowly eaten away at us.

Despite what you see and hear, trust and know that GOD has not given us a spirit of fear, but has blessed up with the ability to keep a sound mind and peaceful spirit. We must have faith that allows us to believe that all things will work in our favor according to His will. Everything may seem as if it is falling apart in your home, at work, and amongst your friends. Your blessings may seem like they’ve passed you by and that those around you are reaping their harvest.

No matter the situation, always stand firm in God’s unchanging love. Take a daily inventory of what’s positive and work on what you’d like to change. Remember that life is hard and some things are out of our control, yet try to respond in a positive way instead of reacting negatively. Know that when you live by faith, it will drown your fears!

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