Don’t Live the Same Year and Call it Life

Just because you have become complacent with your life over the years doesn’t mean it is the life you are meant to live. We often settle for less than what we deserve to save ourselves from having to put in work to accomplish the goals we have for ourselves. Sometimes we don’t want to embrace change out of the embarrassment of starting over. We would rather be unhappy in a marriage or relationship than for others to see it not work out. We will fight to stay in an unhealthy situation we hate out of comfort and image. It’s time to stand on our own two feet and live a life we can be happy in. As a Christian, if you believe in God and His word, you must believe that He can remove you from a bad situation and restore you. He is able to give you something better than what you lost. If you don’t believe that, then are you truly a believer? Don’t make decisions out of fear of change, the only constant in life is change. Being alive and living are two different things, why settle when He has so much more in store?

-Miss Kris

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