Don’t Look Back

Now isn't the time to get caught up in the past. Whether it's a relationship, job or place you used to live. Believe for better and move forward. If it was meant to be it would have worked. God has redirected you, follow His lead to greater things.

How will we ever receive all that’s in store for us if we continue to look back instead of moving forward?

Reject is painful. But it’s more about your perspective towards the rejection. Too often the individual, place or situation wasn’t worthy of you anyway. Maybe you need to set your goals higher and expect more. There’s always a lesson within the circumstances. 

Pick yourself up, be brutality honest with yourself and make your move. Take accountability for ignore red flags or simply just being stubborn. 

Pray for your guidance and ask God for wisdom as you proceed on the journey. 

Happy 😊 Healing 

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