Don’t Lose Focus

There are so many distractions throughout our days that we often lose sight of what’s important. Although social media and television are great tools, they can be major hindrances.  When we use these outlets to pass time, we can become distracted by the posts, likes, etc in an unproductive way.

Focus is a major key to accomplishing your goals. It’s a simple word, yet difficult for most of us to master. Any setback that throws us off course can take us back to square one. While this is the case, it only takes a simple act on your part and that act is to regain focus.
Don’t let anyone or anything take you off course. Maintain a level of confidence within yourself that creates a willingness to never give in. Like a muscle, the more you focus, the more your ability to focus will become stronger.

Reflection: What have you lost focus of and what will you do at this moment to regain that focus?

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