Don’t lose sight

There are times when we don’t know if we are coming or going. We take three step forward but get push two steps back. The doors we thought were open are now close. And now you wonder what am I doing wrong. I’ve tried it this way  and I’ve tried it that way. BUT have you tried it Gods way? Have we really given your worries to him? When you think about it you haven’t. You may give it to Him for a short time and then take it back because He’s taking to long. Right you know what I’m talking about. Or we think that he has given us the ok on something that we didn’t even ask for conformation on. Because you know what you want in your heart and so does God. But your time and His time is so very different. And here is where we get in to trouble. We jump out there before time and many times this can make some of us feel down on ourselves. Even to the point to think that God is not listening or love us. James 1:3 says Knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. That is how our God is He wants us to have the desires of our hearts but He also wants us to be ready for those things we ask him for. If he gave you your desires before you are ready most to all people would get mad at God. Therefore He test our faith and our belief in Him that he will do just what He said. So today if you have asked God for something and he has not yet given it. Go back and ask God to tell you weather or not it’s what’s best for you. Ask to hear His voice clearly, give you a sign that you will know with out a doubt that it’s from Him. 

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