Don’t Profane What is Holy!!!

People are committing all sorts of immoral lusts against their bodies. Marrying and in homosexual, bisexual, and polygamous relationships. Truly believing that you can indulge in lasciviousness and see God’s face in peace. 

The worst part is that you are bringing innocent children into the equation. Allowing them to be taunted and scarred by brutal indifference. While exposing them to one of the most demonically, sinister, and perverse entities that walk this earth. A spirit that is so degenerate, it will and has led to bestiality and worse. 

Now I need you to read or listen to this at least three times. Some may be offended. But because you are leading to the corruption of the innocent. While mocking God when you know that it is wrong. Judgment will be swift and merciless. You have rejected God!!! 

Did you get that? Because when you sin against your own body. This is a specialized kind of self-hate. Birthed through mental, emotional, psychological, and/or physical trauma. That the enemy, the devil, is weaponizing against you. 

Let me add something. I have homosexual/bisexual family members and associates whom I truly love. But as much as I care for them. They won’t be exempt from the wrath of God if they don’t repent. This hurts me to my heart. And I pray incessantly for them!!! 

Always coming from a place of love!!!

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