Don’t waste your time

Can someone please tell me why people always say? They waste my time I gave 

them 2yrs of my life. Now I must start over. Do you know people do not value 

time so why do you think they will value yours? Humans are selfish by nature. If 

you give them something for free, they are never going to refuse. That is just how 

we are. Often in our relationship we find early on the the person you thought was 

for you turns out to be a total looser. But what do we do ignore all the red flags? 

You see all the red flags up ahead but instead of acting we go around it. Before 

you know it, they start to show their true colors because a person cannot pretend 

for so long. Before you know it two or three years has passed. Then your 

relationship is over. Then you are telling everybody we broke up because they 

cheated, they were abusive, they were disrespectful, calling me out of my name.

The reality is they been this way. You chose to stay with them. Other words you 

chose to waste your time. The situation was not getting any better because the 

respect they had for you is gone. You cannot possibly respect someone who does 

not respect themselves. So, stop wasting your own time and leave that situation. 

Block their number, block them on social media, do not talk to their friends or 

family members. You must send the message that your time is precious. After all e 

always say he/she wasted m that is one thing that you cannot get back.

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