Doors, Shadows and Rest

Things aren't always how they seem. Let this blog remind you to continue moving forward even when you may feel afraid.

There are so many doors before each of us. With competing options, it’s comforting to know we have help. Doors function exactly as they were intended. They conceal what lies behind them. It is possible to be fooled by a door. In fact I dare say, each of us has been fooled at least once. 

A deceptive door isn’t always a bad thing though. Some doors we face challenge our faith and our very understanding of what is and what (we believe) should be. Yet, on the other side of the door lies a field of green grass (rest), with quiet streams (peace) and restoration. 

Psalm 23 describes such a door. The writer describes the Lord as his shephard and describes being made to rest in green grass, and being led by quiet streams. He says his soul (mind, will, emotions) is restored. The door is described later as the “valley of the shadow of death”. Wow!! Behind this same door, the writer says a banquet is prepared for him, and he is blessed abundantly, even with enemies for neighbors. The door appeared threatening but the Shephard determined what was actually behind the door, peace, rest and restoration and favor! 

Death was not behind the door, even though the door is called “the valley of the shadow of Death”. Go figure. Let God choose every door, and trust that what awaits you won’t destroy you, but will serve to show God’s power to bless you despite whatever circumstance you may face

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