Dream…..Just a Single Thought

It Takes a Single Thought


Every realized dream began with a single thought.  A thought that you could escape poverty, obtain a college degree, have an amazing family, purchase your first home, start your business, write a book, or have a fulfilling career, is all that it takes to start the process of realizing your dream.  If you are able to dream or think of an amazing goal for your life, you are able to achieve it.  What will it take to achieve your dream?  You must first believe that you are capable of achieving the goals that you set for your life.  It doesn’t matter that there are no examples in your immediate family or circle….. you have to look outside of your circle for examples of people that have achieved what you are seeking.  Your next step is to develop your roadmap or path to your dream.  Your roadmap must be specific, include dates and timeframes starting from your current state and ending with your realized dream.  Stay focused on each step of the roadmap and celebrate each accomplishment along the way.  When you hit a speed bump or a detour along the way, stop and regroup, then restart your journey, working hard every step of the way.  If you realize along the way that your roadmap has some faulty sections, pause and re-write that section.  Whatever you do, keep going.  You will get weary, lonely, angry and sad along the way but please know that this is part of the strengthening process and you have to continue in spite of it all.  


When you reach your dream, you will realize that it feels so amazing and the lessons that you learned during your journey will be a roadmap for someone coming along behind you.  I can tell you with absolute certainty that this formula works because it is my story.  I was born into and escaped poverty through dedicated focus on achieving higher education, establishing a successful professional career, becoming a homeowner and having a beautiful family.  I had no roadmap and my journey was mainly through trial and error.  Your journey does not have to be incredibly difficult.  Seek support from a trusted family member, a  coach or mentor, or others that can guide and support you on your path.  Dream big and be great!  


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