Dwell In Peace

Peace is precious and its also an indicator. If you lack peace in areas, its high time to review the situation. Enjoy Your Peace🙌🏽 and evict disturbances to it.

I know how it is to put the needs of others before my own. How it feels to accept assignments at church when I’m already overwhelmed. How it feels to be flat out mentally drained because I’m in a situation that simply is not good for my wellbeing. Well, guess what? You deserve PEACE. Your mental healthy REQUIRES peace. If you are uneasy, uncomfortable, unhappy, and/or overwhelmed in a situation then you have to stop and evaluate who needs to be removed from it. Maybe you need to remove yourself from the equation and maybe, just maybe you need to let someone go from your life.

God wants you to have all the gifts that he offers you, He IS peace and when you enter his presence, you can’t help but feel it. When God has called us to a situation, He will give us peace and provision. The devil on the other hand brings nothing but trouble, sleepless nights, pain, worry, frustration, sin, and unordained sacrifice.

Look, go ahead and kick satan and ALL of his foolishness straight to the curb. Embrace peace because you deserve it!

Dwell in PEACE!

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