Dynamics with Aging

Keeping our Elders in Mind

As our older family members age let’s make it a purpose to keep them feeling a part of the family. There is knowledge embedded in their minds, when given the opportunity to share it can truly shift a person’s perspective of how experiences make a difference with life. Can you recall the last time your Grandparent told a story of how your parents used to behave at your age, did it make you laugh? 

Many of our elders are living within an assisted living community, some in long-term care facilities where visits are now very limited due to current concerns with Covid-19. The lack of face to face connections have shifted the mindset of many, it’s a proven fact that our emotional state can often bring upon physical signs of depression and decline of cognitive thinking. It is important that we all make the effort in using whatever communication is available to keep connected to our elder population, Face-Time, landline calls, or even snail mail. Strengthening relationships between families will keep those treasured moments available so our children can experience those “side bar talks” with Pops and Nana for many years to come.  

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