Eating Right and Working Out is not enough

People tell you that in order to get in shape, you have go through 2 steps. Eat healthy and workout. If you think that’s all it takes, then you’ll never get to your results. It’s actually 4 steps. And the first two steps are the most important ones that you’re going need if you want to reach your full potential. Yes, you must eat the right foods and workout in order to build yourself to your potential. But that’s only to “build” yourself into your full potential. But in order to build it, you first have to become it. And that’s where the first two comes in place.

The first step is to develop the mind set. You’re going to need a strong mind set and discipline to get everything done. The second step is to have a strong Drive. What’s the difference between Motivation and Drive ? You always need “something” to motivate you. When it comes to a drive, you don’t need anything at all. It’s always there. Because Drive is more of a feeling. It’s how you feel. And that feeling is power. Power is the law of love. And when you truly love something, you enjoy it. You’ll enjoy your workouts. You’ll enjoy the new journey that you’re taking. All I’m trying to say is if you allow yourself to truly fall in love with your new workout lifestyle, you’ll start to feel really good about it. And without these first two steps, you could never have a consistent diet or workout schedule. Which brings me to the next 2 steps, your diet and the workouts. A specific and consistent diet is going to give you the body that you’re going after. And with a specific and consistent workout routine, you’ll get the body that you’ve always wanted. Always keep in mind that the secret is that it’s 80 percent diet and 20 percent of the workouts. But all 4 plays an important part. And if you combine all 4, I promise you that you will reach your goal.

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