Elevate Your Faith

How to Elevate your Faith

Faith of a mustard seed is all you need. When transitioning from one thing to the next at times you may feel fearful about not being able to see a clear path. What I have found is when you feel lost maybe you are not lost at all, it’s possible you’re just on a path that is new and unfamiliar. When you can’t see where you are going it takes much faith. Faith in the unknown, faith that no matter the circumstances things are working together for your good. Faith that God or whomever you believe will go before you and make all of the crooked places straight. I’ve found that when your faith is low you have to dig deep and see what is causing you to feel uncertain of yourself and God’s power to help you achieve destiny. Is it others who are causing you to doubt yourself or is it yourself? Once you learn where your fears and lack of faith are coming from that is when you truly can elevate your faith. 

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