Embrace The Season You’re In

Single moms, trust me when I say the season will change.

Becoming a single mom was definitely not one of the many things that I placed on my bucket list, yet it some how made its way into my life as one of the most powerful experiences ever!

Instead of allowing my circumstance to cause me to crumble, fold and become bitter, I allowed it push me to work even harder at what’s always been my original goal and that was and still is to be the best mom that I could possibly be. From the moment each of my children made their great debut into this world they have heard every single day how much they are loved and wanted. My focus has always been to raise them with healthy emotional growth.

I made it a point to speak life over them daily; show them love and affection daily, give them the experience of being loved without stipulations, made sure they’ve always felt safe to come and talk to me freely. I’ve made it a point to teach them how to speak over themselves and believe in themselves and the list goes on and on.

When life changed for us and I had to shift to caring for them on my own, my goal as a mother never changed. The focus was and is always them first.

Being a single mom is without a doubt a tough job, but from one single mom to the next, sis I promise you that once you begin to let go of being angry and wasting time trying to get someone to do what they do not want to but instead accept the season that you’re in, things in your life will begin to shift for the better. Eight years ago when I started this journey I had no idea how I would make it through. I literally took it one day at a time and allowed God to lead the way. Today, I have 2 amazing kids in college…  

Single moms, trust me when I say the season will change. Don’t allow what you’re going through cause you to lose yourself, don’t allow it to cause you to lose sight of your original goal. Get back focused to the original the plan of you being the absolute best mommy that you could ever be. Trust me when I say, you got this Queen!

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