Embracing Your New Beginnings written by Dr. Gary L. Neal, Sr., Th.D., CPC

Embracing Your New Beginnings is the testimony of the everyday experiences, setbacks, failures, and victories that make life worth living. It’s to inspire and encourage you to embrace every day as a fresh start, accept people for who they are in Christ Jesus, trust that God has a plan for your life, and realize that every day that you’re alive is a day full of God’s promises, blessings, and abundant opportunities. According to God commandments, living this life is the key to a fruitful and bountiful life with God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. God wants to do a “new thing” in your life every day, so embrace the newness of life and live! Available at on Kindle, Audiobooks or my website at Dr. Gary Neal, Sr., Th.D.


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