What can emotions teach you?

Emotions are not just to annoy you or make you miserable or ecstatic. The annoyance, misery and excitement are there to get your attention and offer you clues about the state of your life, your thoughts and what you should do next. When you learn to read the messages your emotions send you, you can literally coach yourself to higher levels of happiness and success.

Today I challenge you to simply be honest about your emotions and ask yourself, “ What message is being offered to me right now?”

Fine tune your emotions and begin to turn those feelings of anger, guilt, jealousy, disappointment, feelings of un-forgiveness, uncertainty and fear around.

Here are some tips to start your journey on how to better manage your emotions

1. Find a healthy outlet- Exercise, meditate or speak to someone that will uplift you.

2. Replace your thoughts- Journal, Blog, or do something relaxing.

3. See the bigger picture – Find a brighter side, look forward to a better end result. Find the positives in your situation.

By doing these steps, it will help free you from the emotional bondage you are in for whatever situation you are dealing with.

I hope these tips are helpful to you, especially during these stressful times of uncertainty.

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