"True empowerment looks like healing, leveling up, and never going back"

Ownership is the catalyst to empowerment. 

Much like buying as opposed to renting, taking ownership of your life is both a lofty, yet rewarding task. It can be a bit daunting at first. Especially if you are accustomed to blame-shifting and scape-goating. If you are the type of person that finds yourself frequently browsing your past and uttering statements such as “my life would be different if..” or “I just can’t get past what so and so did” then you are a prime example of someone who is placing the outcome of their life in another persons hands. To acknowledge that something has occurred is one thing. To establish a limiting belief over oneself is another

The more ownership you display the more empowered you become. For instance, you might consider yourself insecure. Because there are areas in your life where you acknowledge that you lack in confidence, you may be more inclined to blame it on your childhood. Saying, “If my parents would have validated me more I wouldn’t be insecure.” Although your childhood played a part in your arrival of insecurity it doesn’t have to be your final destination. You can make the decision today to embrace what you believe is beautiful about yourself, and work on the areas of yourself you feel are not. Any area where you find yourself to be lacking becomes your responsibility to become whole. Though harsh, the truth is, it is no one else’s responsibility to fix your life. I assure you that although this approach takes more introspection and quite frankly, work, it is the most rewarding. 

Often I hear people ranting and raving about how they “took their power back” but when I hear that phrase I think many are mistaken as to its meaning. See, taking your power back does not look like losing your cool on someone who hurt you, or taking it out on others for that matter. True empowerment looks like healing, leveling up, and never going back.

If you are ready to have the life you’ve always wanted, I admonish you to look in the mirror, do the work and fall in love with the person you have become. As a life coach I am not here to Iyanla Vanzant you, rather give you the tools so you can fix your own life. And when you do, what a beautiful thing it will be.

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