End 2020 strong

It is December 1st 2020. As many people can agree this has been one rollercoaster of a year. Many people suffered loss in more ways than one. Many people lost loved ones due to sickness. People lost jobs, kids were out of school, and a lot of jobs changed from being in person to working from home. No one saw any of this coming, no one knew how to handle it right away, and some people still have a hard time with it all. That is a lot. Actually, more than a lot. However, there’s blessings and lessons in it all. We are in the last month of the year. How will you spend the last month of 2020. I have a few suggestions. Reflect on how the year went for you. What were your highs? What were your lows? How did you move forward? What tough decisions did you have to make? Will those decisions be useful for you in the future? After you reflect, plan. Write some goals down, tell yourself what your expectations are. Next, make changes if you want to. I know waiting until the new year has always been fun and exciting thing to do, but you can make changes now. And even if you make small changes now, you can still have a New Years resolution if you choose to. After dealing with 2020 I encourage you to not walk into 2021 scared of what may come, but walk boldly knowing what you’ve learned and where you’re going. I’m sure 2021 will have its ups and downs but tell yourself this time will be different. You’re better and you’ve grown. Stand strong! -Lori G. Clark

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