Oh Energy

I know I put energy under an interesting category of trust, but it really is important! It really is about both trusting your energy!  It’s about knowing there is positive and negative energy.  It’s about balance, alignment love and respect of energy.  I learned so many wonderful things thru my own personal healing journey and I’m eager to share and spread the love! Lololol. Even though I’m a forever learner/student, one of the most important thing I learned about energy is building momentum behind it regardless if it’s positive or negative.   When we build momentum behind either of it we will create the result of it.  For example, when you build momentum behind positive energy you will call in things and people of the same energy vibration!  However , when we get our mindset on a higher wave length, it will indeed be more positively effective. If you go to your favorite resturant and they don’t have your favorite meal available to order that night, instead of cursing about it and vowing never to come back, you can take a more positive approach and think or say what else else is on the menu? Maybe I can find something else just as or even mote amazing on the menu! It is a lot in the way we think… I really do understand how our mindset can be warped, devastated, jumbled and just about twisted up in confusion by some things that have happened in our lives, but eventually as we come down off the initial shock, you may still be able to turn your perspective around more than you know… Let you perspective attach itself to positivity and let it gain positive momentum my loves. 

Watch what GREAT things you will call into existence! 💪🏽☄️❤️🥰🤗

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