Enjoy that Loving Feeling

Intentional Considerations of One another

Awakening to the early hours of February 14th, envisioning the hustle and bustle of shoppers swirling around the stores and shops admiring knicks and knacks for the special person in their lives. The 5 Love languages are often put to the test around this time of the year so let’s review. Act of service, Affirmation, Physical touch, Quality time, Receipt of gifts, when you mull through these which one triggers your core value?

Has there been an experience where you wondered is it more to how you express your love language or how you request it of others? Both are quite important in each of our relationships, whether it’s with our family, children, significant others, also with ourselves. Knowing and having the awareness that you’re deserving of affection, nurturing and confidence of being cared about does matter.

Today is the best occassion to share the conviction of your ability to express Love and be able to receive it freely also. If a call comes, a text appears, doorbell rings, or delivery  occurs try just responding ” Thank you, I appreciate the thought or gift” either is sufficient and reciprocity is Key! 

Let’s consider expressing to the people surrounding us today in whatever capacity that we are happy and grateful to be able to say “It’s a beautiful day and I’m glad we’re in it together”. 


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