Enjoy Your Company!

If you learn to enjoy and value your own company you will become more selective about who you allow in your company.

Y’all I could probably write a whole book about sharing my company with the WRONG people. It’s draining, cringeworthy, and used to make me look back in sadness. Well, now I look back at it just like I look back at school, realizing it was a learning process. Now, I can look at myself and see how valuable I am and how valuable my time is. God made me to be completely and utterly amazing and I should never be so desperate for companionship that I’ll accept anything. NOPE! I can enjoy everything I do even when I do it solo, and that is how it should be.

We can not forget that we should be a whole person, loving who we were created to be and understanding who we were created to be. We can not even entertain the idea of bringing someone else into our lives to do things for us that we will not do for ourselves.

I challenge you to begin to “date” yourself and REALLY get to enjoy your company. Not only will you feel great and have a blast but you will no longer tolerate holding on to people just because you need company.

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