Often times we stay in toxic relationships in the name of Love or Religion. Some will deal with being used as the nanny to keep the kids and house in line, never being touched romantically, never being taken out on dates or even being shown the slightest bit of interest by their partner. We will put up with them telling us they don’t want us as long as they don’t tell anyone else or leave. Some will beg to stay in a person’s life just to be able to say they are in a relationship or have a long-lasting marriage. At this point neither of you respect the other one, you don’t even respect yourself, you are just scared to leave. You do not know your worth because staying in this situation is something only a person of no value accepts. You NEVER have to settle for half of a person to appear whole to the outside world. Detangle the situation, life is too short to be anything but happy!

-Miss Kris

*Excerpt from my new book on Relationships (Dating, Engagement & Marriage) Coming August 2020*

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