Entrepreneur Advice for Beginners

Guide About Entrepreneurship

Let me guess, you’re part of the infamous “rat race”, where you live to work and work to live. If you’re an entrepreneur or thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, then keep on reading.


I’ve been on my entrepreneurial journey for a few years and I couldn’t have been any happier. I’m my own boss; I work when and where I want to. However, it wasn’t easy at all. It’s actually much harder then working for someone else. I figured I’d rather take the road less traveled, and make myself rich much faster (doing something I actually want to do) vs. taking direction from some punk and making them rich.


Being an entrepreneur has taught me so many valuable business lessons and a lot about myself. I wanted to share with you some of the most important things that I thought might help you with your journey.

First, you need to have an idea of what kind of work you will be doing for yourself. Some examples of this might include managing real estate, owning an online business (amazon seller, affiliate marketing, creating a course, etc.), offering freelance service(s) to others (writing, editing photos, proof-reading, photography), etc.

Once you figured out what it is you want to pursue, you need to invest in the proper education. You can take course(s), read books, attend seminars, hire a mentor, create a mastermind, etc. Be careful not to do too much research though and get into analysis paralysis, where you are just an information junkie and don’t take any action. 

The most important thing about being an entrepreneur is having direction and a solid plan of action. You must have the discipline to follow your plan and always, always, always take action. The biggest mistake many entrepreneurs make is not taking action and just doing too much research, thinking there will be a “right time” to act. I got news for you pumpkin; there is never a “right time”.

After you invest in a step-by-step course, take action! No amount of research in the world will teach you the lessons you will learn with experience. That goes with every field.

Think about this, you can read a million books about basketball and watch a ton of basketball videos. Are you going to become an experienced basketball player? You get the point. You need to get into the game and learn through experience playing on the court.

Once you start getting into the “game”, you need to stay VERY consistent to make it to the top. All successful people who make it to the top go the extra mile. This is true especially in the beginning when you are building yourself and creating your name.


If your plan fails, it was probably not meant for you, or you need a better plan. So many successful businesses started off as something else, then had to transition into what they are today.


Good news is, you can reroute to something better that works and can be very successful. The most successful people in the world failed the most, until they finally got it right!

To sum it up, you have to know what you want to do, invest in the proper education, take action, stay consistent, never stop even if you fail, always continue learning, and you WILL be successful. All of the above will eventually compound and you will prosper.

Let’s not forget the most important ingredient of all: mindset. Make sure you get your mind right everyday by feeding it positive affirmations that you can indeed do this and have a strong enough why so you can stay motivated and maintain that momentum.

Finally, after you reach your desired level of success, don’t get comfortable. Maintaining your success is the hardest part. There is always going to be someone who is trying to take your spot, and is willing to outwork you. Always stay ahead of the game by constantly learning new strategies and being innovative.

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