Entrepreneurship and Business Module Social Media Sessions

[to be continued]

– what to do and not to do to maintain your online websites & social media in good standing

– how to choose your social media name, username & info when you create a new profile or page and not get flagged or deactivated before you even begin

– what content to post and how to advertise so you can respect the terms, guidelines and rules and not get deactivated

– how and when to post: days of week, hours, frequency, special events & holidays

– a certain post sounds great to you, but should you repeat and post the same content over and over again

– topics to avoid and behaviours that make you lose following, clients or customers

– things to check and keep in mind in order to create good quality content

– practices to minimize or avoid doing that can get you blocked or banned

– tips to engage your audience and raise awareness about your brand, products or services

– how to prepare and not lose it all if your profile or page gets deleted one day – you never know

– is it good or worth it to grow your page with paid followers or by paying such services or apps

– which social media networks have the strictest policies and which ones are easier

– how a social media decides to show your post to your followers and how to make sure as many people as possible see your posts

– how to use software or browser automation tools for repetitive tasks and make your work easier

– how to batch edit and place your watermark on multiple photos at a time

– how to reuse your social media content to further help your business or monetize it

As the website only shows 3 main categories of coaching, please choose any of the categories when booking a session but make sure you specify what you are looking for from the session. Example: “i am looking to create my own brand on social media but i also have some questions about moving on from my relationship”. You can include as many details as you’d like. Who said sessions have to be focused on a single topic? I am as flexible as needed and we can do mixed sessions in which we can work on multiple fronts to meet all your needs and wants !

If you have questions or need more details, please write to me here:

CarmenMLC @ y a h o o . c o m

© CarmenMLC (Please share this content with anyone who may need it and find it interesting. Please do not modify or use this content as your own.)

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