Evaluate and Let Go

I few days ago I posted a message on Twitter about letting things ago. With COVID-19 and¬†everything else happening in the world I was forced to evaluate¬†each and every area of my life. The downtime forced quietness which in turn allowed me to¬†listen to the noise around me. I left the church that was home for almost 3 years because it was no longer the right¬†environment for my husband and I. I was¬†appalled at the messages delivered following the death of George Floyd but thankful I was in a place where I understood it was time to go. I am a military spouse and change for me is¬†difficult…..very difficult! ¬†However, not everything or everyone will be a permanent fixture in your life. I am writing this post today as a reminder to slow down, be still in the quietness and focus on the areas of your¬†life where there needs to be change. Holding on to things or situations may result in unnecessary damage because their time has expired. Write your own story.

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