Even during divorce, be kind!

During a divorce, the adults involved should try not to expose the children to their arguments. Divorce and breakups often happen because of long-term problems and may include verbal and emotional abuse. The effects of a toxic relationship can potentially remain present for months, years or the rest of a child’s life. Because of this, we must be very careful how we choose to interact with our co-parent during this time. Just because you all are dissolving a marriage, you still must maintain a health relationship for the children involved. You may not even agree with the divorce, but to purposely make it difficult and messy is only selfish on your part. Being a responsible parent means putting the children first and protecting their mental and physical health. Make the transition as smooth as possible for them by working with your co-parent instead of against them. Remember, if you can’t be cordial and respectful for your own children then divorce is not your main issue. Even in this season you are still making memories that the children will carry with them into adulthood, in everything be kind.

-Miss Kris

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