Ever Though You Were Ready, But Wasn’t?

Ever Though You Were Ready, But Wasn’t? is my blog post about how you can plan for an event, in particular a launch and on the day of that plan you had just doesn't work out as you planned, and yet you know that you need to press forward and do what you are called to do. “Always remember that life may not go how you want or plan even though you went out of your way to plan how you wanted it.” ~Coach Sam

I know everyone says you’ll never be truly ready to do something outside of your comfort zone, but let me tell you I’m a planner. So, I researched videos and invested in a beginner’s course because I wanted to nail it, especially since I never ever wanted to be in front of a camera and still don’t. But, I had quite a time today y’all let me tell you. Oh, my goodness.

First off, the neighbors got started early and I said oh no I definitely can’t do a video with them fussing all loud like that. Somebody might think that’s happening at my house. I can’t speak to women empowerment with them carrying on like that. SMH. Do you experience that where you live? I don’t know why folks like to come outside to argue.

Like um now your business has become a public affair. So, then I said, well not today, I guess. But then when I told my mom, you know moms, right? … The ultimate fixers. They will find a way to make it better for their babies and no matter how old you are they will come to the rescue with a solution.

Record indoors, but me, stubborn, you know I wanted the greenery behind me… But the drama was too much and by the time the neighbor’s stop the craziness the sun was out. And let me tell you, the sun don’t play. You need to know angles and how to get the lighting just right, otherwise, the sun will steal your thunder and all anyone will see is light, okay. And that’s just a no go for the audience.

I had to resolve to the fact the outdoor scene I wanted and thought I would have wasn’t going to happen. Bummer… So, in the house I went… Then you know what I found out? Background noise is real and real problem. Then I had to figure out what type of background noise I had. Another setback because I didn’t know there were so many types.

And I had more than one to decipher. Did you know WI-Fi can cause background noise. Yes, WI-Fi. I had no idea. You should have seen me walking around the house unplugging things trying to get rid of the background to make the audio clear as I could for the viewers.

Then, after I figured that out. I said OKAY, now I’m ready. Let’s go, because it’s showtime. Only it wasn’t nope, not at all. Tell me why, my glasses kept reflecting light from the lighting and my phone. So, you know what I did? I asked google. Sure did, more research, googling trying to figure out how to get rid of glare from your glasses, stop glare from lights, etc.

However, I still couldn’t get the solutions I found to work. Still, I did hear a gem from one YouTuber – Gia Goodrich on her video about lighting on zoom and it was right at the end… Confirmation to keep going and not to let critical thoughts stop me. And that’s all I needed to hear because I knew that meant I needed to find a way somehow to make it work.

So, I just took my glasses off. Yep, I didn’t want to because I wanted to read a quote I wrote, but I make the text bigger and read it anyway. Because you know sometimes you know God calls you to do something but every time you talk yourself out of it, you get yet another confirmation that you need to do it anyway despite how you feel about things not going accordingly.

So, I’m not sure who it’s for, but someone needs to know love, life, and relationships shouldn’t be drama filled and even when life doesn’t go how you planned or wanted there’s a purpose for that. And with that said, for those young ladies struggling with stress in your relationships just maybe What Is A RED Flag? will help give you insight to make a much-needed decision now.


“Always remember that life may not go how you want or plan even though you went out of your way to plan how you wanted it.” ~Coach Sam ~EXALTED ROYALTY~ A C. E. SAM COMPANY

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