Every Man Has A Hunter Or Hero In Him

When I was a single woman, I tried to be in control of everything in my life. So, when I would date men, it was more about me than seeing if we were compatible with each other.
One day something clicked for me because I had noticed that the men who I had some compatibility with were pursuing me like a hunter.
Then if something was going wrong in my life and I would tell a guy, he would want to fix my issue like a hero. Girl! 🙌🏽
It takes a skill knowing if a man is pursuing after you or if he wants to be your hero. I know some of the women I help are learning how to do this, and their results are amazing!
So as a woman, when you learn these roles in men, how to talk with a man, see if he is compatible with you, it could make your dating experience simple.
That’s what you want, right? Take the guesswork out of dating, stop doing all of the work, and have a man who is willing to compliment you or even marry you.
I would love to teach you how to know when a man is asking you for permission to be your hero or if he is pursuing after you like a hunter. Stop putting in so much work to get a man and learn how to attract a good man. He will know how to treat you, love you, be there for you, and more. ♥️
Ladies, if you want to learn more about how to ignite the hunter or hero in a man sign up for a coaching session with me.

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