Did you know that people can have so much going on on the outside and yet be miserable on the inside?  You never know somebody else’s story.  But you can bet there is one.  Even people who seem to have it all together or have everything:  career success, a huge house, a loving family, all the possessions they desire – yet, they can feel like they are missing something.  Everyone is searching for meaning or purpose in their lives in some way, even if it doesn’t seem like it to those around them.


On social media, looking at someone’s exterior image, you have no earthly idea of what they are dealing with.  You are comparing their outside to your insides.  You do not know if the kid had a tantrum before, during, and after the adorable photo shoot.  The model whose beauty mesmerizes everyone but at what cost? You do not know if the model wears clothes so perfectly because she has an eating disorder to maintain her size. The perfectly applied makeup is covering bruises on the lady’s face as she is scared to leave an abusive relationship.  You don’t know the stress level endured or the number of photographs it took to get that perfectly casual walking down the street picture, or how much the real moment the couple may have missed by styling it so carefully to be perfect.


Despite not knowing, we still look at the pictures of other people and judge ourselves. We either are not talented enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough, not popular enough, not happy enough…


Yes, comparisons happen in real life, too.  You have just screamed at your kids while trying to get them out of the door in the morning, then you arrive at school to see “The perfect mom” laughing with her children, and you hate and judge yourself and think you are a terrible mother.  Or your best friend tells you her amazing news, she is pregnant – again!  and you feel devastated because you are not even in a relationship.


What value does comparison bring to your life?  Whether it is on social media or in person, there is the potential of never knowing the real story.  Even once you know their story, it is their story and yours will never be the same.  You have to go out and create the story you want to share with the world. 

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