Every Scar has a Lesson and a Story

Why did I get the chance to survive an accident such as this, that has killed most. I don’t know! However, I’m eternally grateful.
Even with my eyes closed, head trauma, bruised and scared from head to toe, with completely ripped off toenails! I didn’t lose sight of the version of me holding the book.
I’m blessed that wasn’t my final story, but a testament on mercy saying no, even when sin took control of me! I’m living proof that you can right your life, and write your story. It doesn’t have to end in a place where misery resides. Get up out of that pit, dust yourself off, and aim at the life you want.
I swore to myself even in moments where my life seemed as it was slipping away, that I would leave a mark on this earth that would never be erased! I personally signed every copy and mailed out my first published book all over the world, to those VIP members that believed in my story. This is just the beginning, of my new normal but the process of becoming has been nothing short of amazing.
At times conflicted, sometimes scared, I dared to go forward anyway. You can do the same, don’t allow anyone to throw dirt on a grave they have for you. You have the power to close the lid and go in peace the way you want.

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