Every Woman In God’s Eyes

God's Unconditional Love

When it comes to love there is no greater authority than our Creator. He alone determines our true worth and loves us unconditionally. When life kicks us around, we know that no matter our mistakes he doesn’t hold them against us. Why? In addition to his unconditional love – he knows that life is hard on women. It can be difficult for many, most days. But for some, that have different circumstances the challenges can be few – but painful none the less.  When it comes to self-love we often hold our mistakes over our head by constantly reliving the decision, action, or pain over and over again. Looking at what we did wrong, what we failed to say or may have said in the moment. While reviewing our actions can help to correct a behavior, this constant thought process can be debilitating.  I often think of it like a cassette player from back in the day, whenever I wanted to rehear my favorite song – I would hit the rewind button.  But unlike our favorite song, punishing ourselves by reliving any negative situation undermines happiness.  To fully begin the love affair with yourself, shutting off that process is necessary and takes time to master. But the inner battle can be won with diligent practice and by renewing your faith. When faced with self-doubt, put everything in its proper perspective. There are great accomplishments, talents, strengths and maybe a few trials that you have overcome throughout your life. While you never want to dwell on the pain-points, you do want to focus on, and remember your wins.  Always have hope and look forward to the future.

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