How bright will you shine? Choose to shine today. Right now. Turn it up. Up! Up! Up! Up! Turn it up! Be Outstanding? Be Brilliant? Be Excellent? Beam, radiate, gleam. Choose this day to shine.

How bright will you shine?  Usually we think of the sun as the light.  A light bulb, and /or a flash light, ect…

How bright will you shine?  What is your  quality of brightness?  Is it a refection of the sun?  Will it shine brightly upon us?

How bright will you shine?  Are you an energy of light providing possibilities beyond measure such as;  Joy!  Peace!  Love!  Hope!  Faith!  Happiness!

What measure of shine do you have to bring?Is there a shining star shining brightly inside of each and everyone of you?  Will you be turning your light on today?

Somebody out there needs your light to shine on them.  Your reflection of shine may give others permission to shine. 

Some of us are afraid that our lights may shine so bright that people will walk away from us.

Truth be told, that’s really a personal problem that may require some self help.  That’s what I’m here for as a life coach.  To help you work through the kinks of life’s challenges.

Everyone is not gonna like or love us.  Know that it’s okay.  But we can do our part.  We don’t stop living our lives.  Do you!  By the grace of God!  Do you.

You may help somebody turn their shine on.  Do it!  Help!  Bring it on!  You can do it if you try!  They are waiting on you!  We are waiting for you!  Let your light shine.  

Ain’t nothing to it!  Just to do it!  Be that light!  Be Outstanding.  Be Brilliant.  Be Excellent.

1. Beam:  A ray or shaft of light.

2.  Radiate:  Diverge or spread from or as if from a central point.

3.  Gleam:  Shine brightly, especially with reflected light.

Enjoy your day!  Choose to shine!  Because you are immeasurable in your shine.  Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby.  Ain’t nothing like the real you!  🙏🙏🙏 😇 ✌&❤

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