GOD IS BIGGER THAN THAT. You may want to wake up! Smell the coffee? Smell the roses? Whatever you do, please don't sit around waiting for God to do something for you. It's already done! GOD IS WAITING ON YOU!

Trust and believe, your not going anywhere without a functioning brain.  So use it to your advantage.  If you truly believe you can sit around waiting for God to do it, hmmm, think again!  THINK!  

THE MIND, is a terrible thing to waste.  So do not box yourself into anyone’s corner.  Unless, that’s where you wanna be?    When you were made!  God wrapped you up with so many gifts, if not just one.  So you could be driven to explore Him in you! Your here for a divine reason.  Don’t get all up in your head about it.  God created us all.  No pressure!  Relax.  Take a relaxing breathe of FRESH AIR.  Will you be defined by your environment?  Your environment can and will, affect you, effect you, infect you.  Now how are you gonna show up?  Will it be you?  The one of many who will make the difference!  Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from negativity.  Well alright now.  Well alright. 

What do you want in life?  What are you doing about that?  Do you have an action plan?  What are you gonna do?  What is it that you really want?  Don’t tell anybody yet.  Meditate on that!  Be well with your soul!

Don’t throw stones at me.  I loved you enough to share my truth.  I maybe praying and paying a mighty price for that.  You try to define me.  I understand.  And it’s alright.  I’ve been there.  I’ve done that one before.  You see I now know.  I know where my Truth comes from.  And that is God!  God Is Love!  And much, much more.  I commune with Him every breath I take!  I breathe it all in as joy!  And I have peace in my life.  Challenging?  Sure!  And I will quickly overcome.

Now when I first started this journey with you, I explained to you all that I am not here to dictate.  And I am not here to dictate.  What I do suggest you do is to;  

Assimilate the information that is given.  Use what you can and what you can’t leave it alone.  It’s not here to hurt you.  I’m not here to hurt you!  I’m a LOVER & a FIGHTER for my Truth.  I love myself enough to fight for myself when I am exposing my truth to you daily.

Wake up! Breathe again, the breath of LIFE.  Get out of that coma.  Do not fear the greatest gift of yourself that you are!  LIVE.  Your mind is very special.  

Coma- a state of unconsciousness brought on by illness/injury.  (Metaphorically you can do this to yourself when you deny who you are…put yourself in a coma)  Stay with me now.  Remember this information. It is not here to hurt you.  It’s here to help, if you want it.

Encephalopathy- a broad term for any brain disease that alters brain function or structure.  Use your senses all (7) of them!

1.  Sight-(vision)  2.  Hearing-(auditory)  3.  Smell-(olfactory)  4.  Taste-(gustatory)  5.  Touch-(tactile)  6.  Vestibular-(movement)  7.  Proprioception-(body position)

I’ve said more than enough.  I love you.  I am in love with my life.  I thank God for having me live.  And I am being the best I can possibly be until it gets better and better, more better and better.  Hey!  I know!  It’s a lot to take in today.  Maybe not!  I do want to leave you with a poem.


The mind is a terrible thing to waste; said the Mind.  This mind expresses much more than a mind can waste, taste, and smell.  Smell this, the head, the brain.  Those things that swell!  When there is so much to see and so much to tell.  Oh well!  I designed in mind.  On this paper.  To be seen.  How possibility can be anything!  For anything a mind can conceive. Created a pure design, from a creative mind, Designed!  A mind, for you to see, Created a pure design in a Creative Mind. One I have designed with you in mind!  So, mind this!  What do you see?  

-Celestine R. Snell, A HEALING MOTIONS Production “2012”  Poetry For A Life Time The Etches and Sketches of My Life Story

God bless us all!  Peace & Love




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