Heal Your Mind & Heart.

When the sky comes falling…

– Do you ever just sit all by your lonesome and just feel so cold inside? The mask of life often makes us feel insane. And sunny days seem far away. But one thing I always maintain in my present state of mind is the honest to goodness fact that life will beat you, kick you, punch you and break you into a million little shards. But we will always come back clean and neat, most of all stronger and taller from the previous fall. Are you strong enough to get up again and mend yourself?

– I’m often asked how am I able to radiate such a positive disposition and shine so bright, well truly, this is essentially what happens when scars turn to light. How does it feel? Surviving and overcoming the dark will help you become the light you never had when you needed it the most. I am no longer stuck or committed to toxic patterns of behavior that many times helped me in the past. It took learning the harsh way that those behaviors were more harmful than helpful. Which is why the reason we can’t move forward is because we keep applying an old formula to a new level in our life. We must change the formula to get a different, more effective result. I kept repeating the same mistakes for years. Until this sudden realization brightened up my atmosphere. You win and achieve nothing by constantly committing yourself to the same people, patterns, mindset, even environmental factors play an enormous key role in your successful failure. The universe will always try its best to shift things in your favor as long as your doing your part. The universe never wants to play against you. Trust your process, be patient and gentle with yourself. Cause the best you can ever do for yourself is start digging deeper and asking yourself why are you the way you are? Why do you do things the way you do. Don’t hide from yourself anymore. Connect with yourself. It takes a lot of work and intentionality, but getting to know yourself on a deeper more intimate level will not only help you thrive, but it will help you survive. Be firm about your choices right now. Don’t go backwards to habits and situations that weren’t helping you evolve. You have to keep reminding yourself why you even decided to move forward. Stay positive about what’s to come by remaining consistent with your change today and always. Just hang in there, growth and experience come with time. 

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