Evolve Into Your Highest Self

Good Day! When I think about who I need to become and the things I need to tweak to become a better mother, business woman, speaker, writer, teacher and human, it lets me know I need to get locked in on my discipline and drive. I began to apply the 3 D’s…Discipline, Drive and Determination after I learned about them in an inspirational video on You Tube. Evolving isn’t easy and it will take practice. I’ve decided to only do things and give my energy to things that make my mind, body and spirit feel good. If it causes me to be mad, sad, enraged, miserable or depressed, I distance myself from it. While evolving you must look at your surroundings and take a look at your habits too. Is what you do good for you? Is who you talk to daily full of negativity? Take a look at your self-care routine. Are you being consistent? Take a look at what you’re feeding yourself daily. Do those foods make you feel energized or sluggish? Are you doing the work behind the scenes to get that promotion? Are you networking with the right people to start your business? Once you make the decision to start growing and find your rhythm, you will then begin to upgrade aka EVOLVE into who you were born to be. You will also find yourself making choices that your future self will thank you for! 

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