Evolving to Better the Self-It’s transformation time!

Unlike personal development, personal evolution invites individuals to physically change—to evolve. Are you ready to evolve?

Evolving to Better the Self – It’s Transformation Time…

 Unlike personal development, personal evolution invites individuals to physically change—to evolve. Are you ready to evolve?

Much like a chemical change instead of a physical one—imagine fire rather than clay, for example— evolution invites a change, or alteration. I’m here to empower you to change. Are you ready?

When evolution occurs, individuals will find themselves moving forward in a progressive manner. Remember, change is good!

Tips on how to glow through growth:

1. Do not use the revolving door of excuses and recycled beliefs. Instead, surround yourself with motivation and the proper mindset.

2. As life becomes more virtual, invest in the new to stay with the times. Do not get lost in a virtual world, but do keep it in your sights.

3. Know that you can operate at high levels and use your frequency and energy to create a proper work ethic. This may involve a change in diet or fitness level, but mind and body are closer than they appear.

4. Embrace a superconductive life. Increase your daily dose of energy by decreasing your resistance to life and daily events.

 5. Rather than avoiding disarray, look for it. In a world where chaos is the norm, learn to predict it and work with it.

6. Evolution occurs within an environment. If you want to become a better swimmer, you need to get wet. Find an environment that works for you.

7. Understand that all obstacles are potential forms of leverage. Instead of “putting up with problems,” use them to your advantage. More often than not, the obstacle is the right path.

8. Learn to love learning. Find a way to make necessary items fun to learn. Always be learning and evolution will be your new normal.

9. Resistance is futile. It is nearly impossible to synchronize while swimming against the current. Instead, understand the natural flow and use it to your advantage.

10. Get over yourself. Erase those blocking factors that keep you either culturally or egotistically stunted. Accept the things you cannot change, but do not accept the things that you can change.

11. Know yourself. Understand who you are and how you operate. Many young athletes may want to play basketball while they have a body for wrestling. Those who learn how they operate the quickest —evolve the quickest.

12. Know your gifts and take them seriously. Evaluate your skills and live in a way that you can constantly improve and use them to your advantage. When it comes to success, being shy is useless.

13. Get over issues and problems quickly. Despite how difficult it can be to suffer from emotional harm, it’s better to heal quickly. Forgive and forget. 

 14. Stick with your gut. Oftentimes, people waste time being unable to decide. Know which decisions need your time and which do not. Don’t waste time choosing a breakfast cereal when real decisions are around the corner.

15. Experiment, experiment, experiment. When trying something new that will equal positive results, experiment until it feels natural. Professional photographers will often describe their camera as an extension of their hand. Work with your tools until they feel entirely natural.

16. Be one with nature. While it sounds “new age-y,” nature is quite the opposite. Spend time nourishing your biological systems and walk outdoors rather than on a treadmill.

17. Expand your digital intelligence by evolving cyber skills. Use the powers of the Internet for good and learn progressive ways to advance your time.

18. When it comes to launching a succeeding network, be the captain of the ship. As you evolve, so should your network. Find new and remarkable ways to impress your growing network.

19. Integrate to become multifaceted instead of just convoluted. While people like others who are somewhat puzzling, make sure your puzzle makes a beautiful image for those who take the time to solve it.

20. Finally, surround yourself with others who are either currently evolving or—at the very least—open to the idea of progression. Evolution occurs for the many as well as for the self.

  1. Follow the list above to begin your personal evolution and let’s discuss a plan of action.

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