Excerpt From Trying to Make a Puzzle Piece Fit- My Book . Chapter 9

I picked up Pierce and headed to the grocery store. I called Ed and asked what did he want for dinner. He said something light because Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I said salads it is. Ed asked what do your family do for Thanksgiving.? We meet at my Grandmother’s house and potluck. This year I am responsible for the Greens. Greens? Yep. You know I can cook. Don’t play. Let me get off here so I can finish up here and get started. 

          I got home, gathered the groceries in the house, put Pierce down for his nap. My phone rings. I didn’t recognize the number but I answered anyway. Hello…  Hello how are you? I fine, thinking to myself, I know this voice but I don’t know from where. Ma’am, my name is Jennifer Scott. My husband is Edward Scott. I answered Yes, how can I help you? thinking to myself WTH.  I have been going through our cellphone records and I see that he calls this number and stays on the phone for hours. Did Edward tell you he was married? Wait, Wait, Wait ma’am. I think you have the wrong idea. Ed is my son’s barber and mentor. It’s not me he’s talking to. It is my son, trust me. I know Ed is married and he loves his family. She said oh ok. He does mentor his clients. I apologize for calling you. No problem. I understand. Have a great day. I hung up the phone. I asked myself what just happen? Wait, she believed me? I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

I immediately called Ed. He answered, let me call you right back. No Sir, Jennifer just called me. Jennifer who? Your Jennifer? What did she say? I told him the conversation. Ed couldn’t believe it. Baby, let me call you back. Ed Please handle whatever you need to handle. I don’t do drama or want my name tied to any drama.  

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