Excerpt from Trying to Make A Puzzle Piece Fit – My Book

The Phone rings. Hello. Tiffany is on the other end. “Girl I got the kids situated. What’s the game plan?”  I answered, waiting on him to call. He said we’re gonna meet downtown. Hold on, hold on this is him. Hello, the deep strong voice said, “Hey beautiful. Can’t wait to see you tonight. Blushing in the mirror I replied we’ll be there. The strong voice said I have a club meeting in a few but as soon as we get done we’re riding out. Still blushing, ok babe, call me and I’ll let you know where we will be. I clicked over, Girl that voice, that voice, that voice. I may be a bad girl tonight(giggling). Whatever, we all know you don’t get down like that scary self. Any way what time do I need to be ready?  Putting on make-up now. Tiffany said “make up? Where is my best friend Tina? What have you done to her?” Girl I’m right here. It’s just a little but anyway give me 45 minutes. Ok, meet me at my mama’s house.

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