Exercise Your Mind

Heyyy There! In 2015 when I going through my divorce I knew I needed to find an outlet to alleviate some of the stress I was going through. So I decided to get serious about working out. I started to become obsessive with exercise. I would go to sleep and wake up thinking about working out seven days a week. I saw how my body was changing and I liked, well I loved it. In 2021, is when I realized I needed to exercise my mind like I exercising my body. Yes I was changing physically, but I had to ask myself what about mentally, emotionally, and intellectually! 

So I started to do the work. I started to get back to God and build a relationship with Him. I did my daily prayers, devotions, praise and worship. I also read and watched things that only fed me spiritually and intellectually. I noticed my way of thinking was different-more positive, less negative. It felt great and I want to keep it that way. I have changed for the better and I won’t go back!

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