Experiencing Travel Withdrawals

Fly444 Travel highlights pre/post Covid 19! What are some benefits of traveling? Let’s be forever young!

According to Choice Hotels (July 2016). “There are thee types of travelers: experience, budget and luxury.” I wonder how they came up with this because I consider myself to be all three. I’m a seasoned traveler who look for luxurious outings on a budget. I am Fly444. Most often I’m able to achieve a fancy vacation without going broke because of my perks as an agent, and if I plan well enough in advance.

Many agents believe there being four elements of travel: money/funding, destinations, right time/season, and a sense of fun and adventure greatly affects planning. And a definite stress reliever as it’s been scientifically proven traveling can release stress and anxieties. I wouldn’t recommend booking on your own however unless you’ve established a relationship with vendors/suppliers as values customer  else experience can turn stressful. 

According to Dr. Brennan (WebMD, Oct. 2021) “Exploring new places and immersing yourself in new cultures is mentally stimulating. And doing this regular can effect the mental health.” I am a witness to a vacation, even a short vacation can be a great stress reliever. Traveling is good for your overall well-being as it’s beneficial for improving brain function and boosting mental health. I even read immune system boosted from traveling, but you would think as you’re enveloped with a number of elements. 

I Known as #theweekender #Fly444 I stand behind the claim on some benefits of traveling. And they are the following: 

  1. build social relationships 
  2. can boost your creativity 
  3. brings us closer to ourselves 
  4. makes you happier 
  5. you’re able to disconnect and recharge 
  6. opportunity to learn new things and grow
  7. Being physically healthier on the horizon 

I took a forced break as we all did for Covid, but I’m now fully vaccinated; except I need booster, but I’m ready to make some memories. Another benefit to traveling. 

Are you traveling yet?


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