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" I had to recognize that I was a mess, looking to my Master to make my mess, a Masterpiece."

2020 was definitely a year that caused us to do a self-assessment whether we wanted to or not. I am not sure about you but it forced me to deal with things that I put off for a long time. I fought some things about myself that I didn’t realize took up sooo much space in my life. The mind is truly where all battles are won first. Who ever thought that conquering your own mindset would be so challenging?! I thought it was just a matter of repeating affirmations, saying good things about myself, decreeing & declaring who I am, what I want to be and where I want to go.  No one really prepared me for the actual battle.  I have always been drawn to the practical application of learning & doing.  I believe that growth and/or change happens when you apply the knowledge & understanding of a thing.  I feel like I am aware of some things (certainly NOT all things) however digging deeper into who I am and what it takes to BE, has turned out to be brutal. The battle is brutal, exhausting, scary, sobering…….. etc. I had to recognize that I was a mess looking to my Master to make my mess, a masterpiece. 

I don’t know about you but 2020 truly taught me how to fight in a way I never imagined. Yes, fight for my mindset, faith and doing my part in BECOMING. I would like to think that one of my valuable characteristics is humility, well I realized that my mindset needed to be challenged on how I viewed humility and how it has played out in my life. Humility is NOT shrinking to fit. Humility is NOT declaring to be a helper only. Humility is NOT designed for people of low self-confidence & self-esteem.

2020 showed me how to lean in, dig deep and remain teachable, trainable & coachable!

As a result, I am able to encourage each of you to fight for your mind. Fight with the tools that He has given us. Discover the tools and how to use them. Truly know that you are worth the fight and there is something beautiful waiting on the other side of renewed faith! 

I have learned some interesting frameworks that have helped me to persevere, lean in and continue my pursuit! If you are interested I would love to connect, discover, develop and conquer with you.

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