My heart goes out to you John Miles Lewis. Son of John Robert Lewis & Lillian Miles Lewis. Last night I watched Celebrating a Hero. I was so touched moved and inspired! I will be watching and praying with support for you as you continue your public and private work honoring your dad who dedicated his life for us. Blacks in America, humanity. My God! A humanitarian, whose work was graciously supported by his wife, your mom for many years prior to her departure. We've got you! You've got this man! GOOD TROUBLE. Thank you. ✌&❤ John Miles


Black love child set your mind free.  I’m your black mother, you can’t hide from me.  The creator is divine and so is your mind.  Black love child be free.  You will see.  Your children flying high above the sea.  Sky free.  Black child.  Free your mind.  Free your mind for all children.  Fill them with the breath of divine.  Black motherly love.  Black fatherly love.  Give thanks to the ancestors for their works and prayers.  Colorless!  We are children of Black love.  Love Child.  Black love.  Black children are LOVED. 

-Celestine R. Snell

A Healing Motions Production

Peace & Love y’all.

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