Faith Or Fear

Faith and fear are two words that are readily used throughout the world; however, the only thing that they have in common is that they start with the letter F. Other than that, they are complete opposites. Faith and fear hold great weight and can either provide breakthrough and growth or cause destruction and limited beliefs. Faith is having a strong belief in something or someone. It means that you are completely sold on an idea or a way of going about your life. You have complete trust in the task at hand and there is nothing that will cause you to waiver.

On the other hand, fear can be totally debilitating. It has the power to rob you of your dreams and aspirations if you let it and that is the issue. We give too much of our power to fear. It becomes our identity. As soon as the journey gets too complicated or does not go according to plans, we easily give up. It’s important not to allow our fears to be the force that causes us to stop learning, growing, and pursuing our God given dreams. The choice is solely based on you and no one else.

Once you choose to live by faith and learn from your setbacks, life will soon appear a little brighter. It will take on another meaning. In the Bible, faith is thought of as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Although you can’t see the results of what you’ve been working hard for, faith allows you to visualize and stand firm knowing that you will soon reap your harvest. It’s believing that your prize is specifically for you and that no one else can claim it. I urge you to choose faith at all times. Always know that you can choose fear or you can choose faith, but you can’t have both. Choose wisely!

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