Faith over Fear…for certain

Life has changed. Just a month ago we were planning vacations, graduations, weddings and birthday

parties. We were hustling and bustling living our best life. But something happened. The entire world

experienced a “shift.” Our collective lives are now changed. We are moving differently in the world

today. We are using new words like ‘‘social distancing and shelter-in-place.” Life has changed. We can

no longer meet and socialize in large groups. Life has changed. No more congregating in places of

worship where 10 or more are in attendance. Life has changed.

We are now challenged to choose Faith over Fear. To choose to live and love from an authentic place.

I hear the masses constantly saying, “in these uncertain times,” but I believe if we elevate our thinking

and activate our faith, we will see that the times are “certain.” Certain to change us. Certain to cause us

to care for our neighbors known and unknown. Certain to know that what we are experiencing in this

season is bigger than us. Bigger than anything we have ever encountered. But I find great comfort in

knowing that God loves us so much that he has hit the reset button on our lives. Slow down…reset.

Rest…reset. Take better care of yourself…reset. Stir up your God-given gifts…reset. Gather with your

family and love ones…reset. Make your home your sanctuary…reset. Tap into your faith…reset. Make

him the Lord of your life and develop an intimate relationship with him…reset. Love more, forgive


So, let’s choose Faith over Fear because we will get through this. Faith wins every time…I am certain.

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