Faith OVER Sight. Trust what you know, not what you see

I’m sure by now you’ve heard all the cliché sayings about faith and you might even have the scripture memorized verbatim. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”. We know it, we’ve heard, it but what does this REALLY mean?

My favorite coach Dr. Dharius Daniels says it this way – “Faith is believing God is telling the truth about everything all the time”. Faith is putting everything you see, know, and experience through the filter of the ultimate truth – God’s words.

Faith is not pretending reality doesn’t exist. It’s not a deep, spooky, or mysterious feeling. It’s not some unexplainable vibe either. It’s a core belief that produces a mindset and that mindset determines what you do and how you live.


Let me give you an example. If you believe you’re smart, you don’t question yourself when you face something hard. You have assurance that your skills, your hard work, your past success, and validation from others, have already proven you can figure out each new challenge. When you make a mistake or don’t get the outcome you want, you don’t question your intelligence or ability, instead you reframe the challenge and take a different approach until you’re successful. When someone criticizes you, yes it hurts, but it doesn’t change what you know to be true.

The same goes with faith. Faith believes what God says is the absolute truth and when you face anything in life that is inconsistent with the promises of God, you choose to believe and rely on that truth. Not what you see, not what you can understand, but what God said. Even on your worst days, faith believes all things work together for your good and that God can and will restore and redeem lost time. Faith allows you to walk in confidence and assurance because you know and believe everything God says is true.


Faith is the first step in truly living a fulfilled and fruitful life, its believing that God wants that for you too.

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