Faith – Wow – That’s a BIG word!

Wow… just 10 weeks ago, tomorrow (2/6/2020), I stepped out on faith and it changed my entire life 180 degrees.   

I think I shocked my own self when I woke up one day on Nov. 28th, 2019 (thanksgiving eve), after a really rocky and hard year for myself personally, I just said to myself… “I can’t do this another day like I am doing it… Did I really sell my soul to devil himself just for $$$? lolol…. I have to exist for a truer purpose… this can’t be how I’m going to retire”  I said to myself “We all gotta have a calling!  I gotta find out what mine is and I’m not wasting another day of my life…STUCK!  I am going to go out on faith AND DO IT… Now I don’t know what “it” is yet, but it has gotta be better than this” … After deciding this and surrendering to God/Source/The Universe/(fill in the blank for what/who you believe in), I quit my prestigious, but toxic and stressful, 6 figure paying job at Columbia University in New York City, I packed up my apartment in NJ that I commuted to every day on public transportation (2 trains and 1 bus) for 3.5 hours back and forth, gave my car to the Institute for The Blind and moved from NYC/NJ to Dallas, TX!  Yep… that’s right… I moved approx. 3,000 miles across country in a total of 3 weeks, because I was “guided” to coupled with an undeniable/unshakable faith.  I gotta say, I think it was one of the most courageous things I have ever done in my life as I had to step through my fear and anxiety and do it anyway! (we can talk about fear and anxiety, but separately as that is a WHOLE other topic on it’s own!)

I have one friend here in Dallas for emotional support (thank goodness) and my faith.  When deciding, it is like I heard a little voice saying to me… “Heather… Girl! When are you going to live your life ON purpose and IN your purpose?!?!  When will you finally live your life in YOUR truth and not for what everyone else expects FROM you or expects OF you to do?!?!?”  Have you ever had a feeling like you have a bigger purpose that you weren’t being true to when you went through your everyday routine in your life?  Have you ever felt like you just can not take doing your mundane routine another day?!  For me, it was just wake, wash, run ALL around town/do everything for everyone else and maybe one thing for myself (if that), eat, sleep…repeat (blank stare emoji) lololol…  I felt like I deserved more out of life and like I just want to live my life, out loud, on my terms,  in my own way, with — NO MORE EXCUSES!!!  I got determined and said I want something more… BETTER for myself and I am going to get it!

Making up your mind and desiring something truly in your heart is POWERFUL!  When I explored my heart and really figured out what I wanted, I found myself physically IN Dallas, TX on a one way ticket, started my own Life Coaching, Copy writing and Real Estate Service business in Dallas, TX all within 3 weeks of truly owning the thought that I want to move, change my life and be an entrepreneur!  Finding my faith helped me to find my self-love.  My self-love helped me find my truth.  My truth helped me find my purpose. My purpose and BRINGING IT TO LIFE brought up my vibration (energy) to vibe on a higher frequency.  Vibing on a higher frequency brought in TRUE MANIFESTATION OF MY DREAMS AND PURE ABUNDANCE in every aspect of my life.  Thank you LORDT (in my Madea voice) lolol.

I am still on the journey working everyday to maintain my faith first, keep it real and humble with myself and everyone around me, while maintaining my high vibes. I am thankful it has inspired others.  I am still pinching myself cause I never thought I could ever wake up early AND motivated, wanting to exercise and….mediate?!?!  Who knew I could work in my true purpose, be happy, free AND get paid for it! lolol 

If I can do it! You can too!

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