Family Matters

If you follow me on my social media accounts (@vantasiachantel) you may know that my key words for 2020 are love, integrity, and productivity. Love is not always romantic but it also family, friendships, and how you choose to show love to others that you may have the opportunity to connect with.  Family has always been super important to me, however; the older that I get the more and more I appreciate every single one of them and realize why I continue to press forward is because of them. I set the tone for my family so that we can all lead with confidence, love, integrity, and true happiness! My family is far from perfect but we are all wonderfully made and bring something valuable to our family tree.

I am the oldest grand on my mother’s side of the family and I have every intention to continue to set positive examples for my 1st cousins and even those from afar here and on my father’s side. As you get older and put things into perspective you realize that a lot of things circle back to your childhood and your upbringing! Those things do not define you but they do play a part in how you unconsciously love, treat others, and create your own life.

Being of age now and visualizing myself with my own seeds it is imperative to give and be my best for my family now and for my future family to come. Family is the core of it all and I believe that is why I crave them more than ever these days. They may irritate us, they may not always get it, and there may be differences but when everything is all said and done in our personal lives we all just want people to call our own. People who feel safe and like home. Love your family, learn your history, and realize that it is bigger than you! You never know what others may need, even in your own home. Be the change that you want to see, operate from love, show admiration, express gratitude, and realize that some people are doing the best that they can! 

Most importantly, be a team and acknowledge the necessary so that you and your family can grow! There is nothing better than healthy, productive, and progressive love and connections. Life is already tricky! Invest in them and keep them close. 

Vantasia Chantel

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