A Man’s Family Relationship

"Realize that when a Man leaves his family, he abandons his own life, and allows confusion and chaos to comfort his loved ones. My Brother, stand for who God has made you to be; the priest, the provider, and the protector of your family. These evil principalities are determined and destined to destroy you; which will ultimately destroy your family…and the purpose that God had for your life. Man of God, we need you to be the accountable, responsible, and liable example we need to follow. Please, do not say or believe that the Woman you claimed to love is not worth you taking and making the right choice! God will see you through your transformation…if you choose to build on the effort! Get help…fix yourself up…and come back to us, as the Man God has positioned you to be in our lives! Then will you be able to see us through the eye of God to know that your Wife’s worth is far more than rubies" (Miles, 2011, p. 16).

Family Time is Desired – Not Forced!

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